Sew Inspired: Tea Towels

Anthropologie, Sur la Table and Williams Sonoma carry some of the cutest tea towels.  When we are in the mood to splurge or if we spot a “must have”, we love to add to our collections.  When it comes to using the Singer I got for Christmas, I definitely consider myself a rookie.  I love finding something in a shop and thinking “oh! I could make that!”.  Many times, my imagination is as far as it goes; however, this time I was determined to put my ideas on fabric!  This project seemed simple enough, since all I needed was a cute trim.  I had these towels in my kitchen drawer and picked up the trim at Hobby Lobby.  A quick straight stitch.. and violá ! A pair of brand new tea towels! We kept this one super simple but for the more experienced, you can dress it up with as much frill as you’d like!  We love this as a gift idea because it’s unique and can be personalized. Check out the photo of the inspiration and then our simple makeover.

tea towel inspiration

tea towel 1

tea towel 2

tea towel 3

tea towel 4

Ingrid & Lucy


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