Three Step Thursdays

We’re so excited it’s Thursday again! In this week’s project, we are taking a glass bowl and giving it a brand new look with our three simple steps.  We found this  clear glass “fishbowl” at a thrift store and have been so anxious to experiment with our new frosted spray paint.  So without further adieu, we present…….The Frosted Fishbowl!

frosted fish bowl 1

1. Clean glass thoroughly and dry

   frosted fish bowl 2

     2. With painter’s tape, create desired pattern on glass

frosted fish bowl 3

3. Spray frosted paint and allow to dry before removing tape.

Ingrid & Lucy


4 thoughts on “Three Step Thursdays

  1. WHAT!!! You guys are so stinkin’ crafty!!! How on earth do you think of such things? I am going to garage sales tomorrow and I am going to hunt for a fish bowl – Hooray.

    You two have yourselves an amazing weekend!!

    Love, L.

    • Lovely Laurie, thank you so much for the sweet compliments! It means so much to us coming from such an incredibly talented writer 🙂 We always have a blast reading your posts and find your outlook on life and sense of humor so inspiring! We will join you in spirit tomorrow as we check out garage sales in the early morning as well! Hope you find some fabulous treasures and have a spectacular weekend! ~ingrid & lucy

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