Three Step Thursday

We put the spray paints aside for this week’s installment of TST. A few weeks ago, while perusing through the children’s books at a new thrift shop, we found some classics we couldn’t pass up.  With a few projects in mind, we decided to try our first idea on Three Step Thursday.  This project reflects our three favorites: simple, frugal, & unique. Create a gorgeous gallery wall in a nursery or kid’s room, and inspire children to see the beauty of written words…

“No book is really worth reading at the age of ten which is not equally (and often far more) worth reading at the age of fifty and beyond”

~CS Lewis

childrens book frame 1

1. Select your frame and picture book

childrens book frame 2

2. Measure and trim the edges of the page to fit your frame

childrens book frame 3

3. Using double sided tape to adhere, align the paper and put the frame back together.

Ingrid & Lucy

Three Step Thursdays

This week, we are repurposing some colorful wooden puzzle pieces by adding magnets.  We found this farm animal puzzle at our favorite thrift shop and had the magnets in our craft box.  A simple way to display anything from grocery lists to artwork on the fridge!

Farm Animal Magnet 1  Farm Animal Magnet 2  Farm Animal Magnet 3

 1.  wipe down puzzle pieces 2. use hot glue to attach magnets to puzzle piece 3. display magnets

Ingrid & Lucy