Three Step Thursdays

We managed to take a plain jar from ordinary to vibrantly vivacious in three easy steps! We found these adorable little animals in our craft supplies and transformed two jars with only spray paint and hot glue.  Check out our new candy jars! We also think it’s a great “back to school” gift idea- perfect for those special hardworking teachers…

Animal Jars 1

1.  After cleaning jars, spray paint tops and any small plastic toy

Animal Jars 2

2. Once jar top and plastic toy have dried completely, place a small amount of hot glue to bottom of the toy and adhere to lid.

Animal Jars 3.1

3.  Fill with… (insert your idea here)

Ingrid & Lucy

Three Step Thursdays

In today’s three step inspiration, we’re working with chocolate granola, a mason jar and some yarn.  Instead of taking a boring box of granola to a brunch, Lucy decided to dress up her mason jar in some fun yarn.


1. pick your favorite granola (or any other tasty treat) 2. wrap mason jar in yarn 3. fill mason jar and impress!

Ingrid & Lucy