Red Rooster Show

We’ve been working hard preparing for our weekend event in New Braunfels, TX. If you’re in the area, we’d love for you to stop by and say hello.

Red Rooster

Red Rooster- 971 W. San Antonio St.

Ingrid & Lucy

Let your light shine!

Whenever we have a few minutes to spare between appointments, we love sneaking into thrift stores or our local Habitat for Humanity store.  We found these adorable 1980s wall sconces straight out of Blanche Devereaux’s home, and snatched them up for next to nothing at H for H.  The bright white orbs were calling out to Ingrid who was already envisioning the possibilities. Our original thought was to rewire and create a simple pattern by drilling small holes. After processing the logistics of this task, we thought it would be better (and much easier) if, we painted them instead. As we removed the wires, a small bulb appeared over Lucy’s head, who suggested that turning the wall sconces into planters seemed more intriguing.  If you haven’t yet noticed, we love our spray paints…and for this project we chose a gold and pink combo.   We first sprayed them gold, let them dry, and then applied different sized circle stickers to each. We then sprayed the pink and removed the stickers. Unfortunately, some of the sticker residue remained on the sconces so we had to carefully remove it without damaging the paint. In retrospect, before applying any sticky material to a newly painted surface, we will spray a protective coating and allow it to completely dry.  Being the semi perfectionists that we are, it was a little difficult for us to overlook the sticky situation.  After chatting about it for a bit, it became a great lesson for us!  We’re learning to look beyond imperfections and just enjoy the beauty of our creations!

sconce 1

sconce 2

sconce 3

Ingrid & Lucy

Reinventing Rubbish

When it comes to making someone else’s trash into our treasures, we are definitely not shy.  Our city offers a “bulky trash pick up” once a year.  Creeping slowly through the neighborhood during this time makes us feel a little like Joe Pesci & Daniel Stern in Home Alone.  We’ve stumbled upon some great finds, including a neat suitcase (circa 1970) that still waits patiently for us in the garage.  This time, we discovered these adorable terracotta planters hiding underneath some old wood.  They definitely needed some work but we immediately saw the potential.  With a little sand paper, soapy water, and a brush, these planters have been given a second chance….terracotta pots 1

terracotta pots 2

terracotta pots 3

Ingrid & Lucy