Red Rooster Show

We’ve been working hard preparing for our weekend event in New Braunfels, TX. If you’re in the area, we’d love for you to stop by and say hello.

Red Rooster

Red Rooster- 971 W. San Antonio St.

Ingrid & Lucy

Three Step Thursday

We put the spray paints aside for this week’s installment of TST. A few weeks ago, while perusing through the children’s books at a new thrift shop, we found some classics we couldn’t pass up.  With a few projects in mind, we decided to try our first idea on Three Step Thursday.  This project reflects our three favorites: simple, frugal, & unique. Create a gorgeous gallery wall in a nursery or kid’s room, and inspire children to see the beauty of written words…

“No book is really worth reading at the age of ten which is not equally (and often far more) worth reading at the age of fifty and beyond”

~CS Lewis

childrens book frame 1

1. Select your frame and picture book

childrens book frame 2

2. Measure and trim the edges of the page to fit your frame

childrens book frame 3

3. Using double sided tape to adhere, align the paper and put the frame back together.

Ingrid & Lucy

We’re on a Roll!

Happy Friday! Today, we’d like to share a little project that Ingrid created a few months ago.  On a warm winter’s eve (south Texas is home for us), she pinned the night away, finding some some super cool art made from toilet paper rolls.  Thus, the obsession began to create her own original piece.  We love scrolling through pins to get our creative juices flowing—what in the world did we do before pinterest!?!  Ingrid started collecting her toilet paper rolls until she had enough for her project.  She created these two canvas pieces with toilet paper rolls, acrylic paint, and some wooden sticks & buttons from the craft box.  The trusty painter’s tape helped create the stripes, and hot glue put it all together.  They hang side by side in her bedroom, and the color scheme blends perfectly with the decor.

As we are inspired by so many, we hope to pay it forward and do the same for others with our designs….have a lovely weekend!

TP Roll Art 3

TP Roll Art 2

TP Roll Art 1

Ingrid & Lucy

Let your light shine!

Whenever we have a few minutes to spare between appointments, we love sneaking into thrift stores or our local Habitat for Humanity store.  We found these adorable 1980s wall sconces straight out of Blanche Devereaux’s home, and snatched them up for next to nothing at H for H.  The bright white orbs were calling out to Ingrid who was already envisioning the possibilities. Our original thought was to rewire and create a simple pattern by drilling small holes. After processing the logistics of this task, we thought it would be better (and much easier) if, we painted them instead. As we removed the wires, a small bulb appeared over Lucy’s head, who suggested that turning the wall sconces into planters seemed more intriguing.  If you haven’t yet noticed, we love our spray paints…and for this project we chose a gold and pink combo.   We first sprayed them gold, let them dry, and then applied different sized circle stickers to each. We then sprayed the pink and removed the stickers. Unfortunately, some of the sticker residue remained on the sconces so we had to carefully remove it without damaging the paint. In retrospect, before applying any sticky material to a newly painted surface, we will spray a protective coating and allow it to completely dry.  Being the semi perfectionists that we are, it was a little difficult for us to overlook the sticky situation.  After chatting about it for a bit, it became a great lesson for us!  We’re learning to look beyond imperfections and just enjoy the beauty of our creations!

sconce 1

sconce 2

sconce 3

Ingrid & Lucy